Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wiggle My Ears

I ADORE President Monson! His amazing story-telling ability makes the gospel fun and approachable to everyone. One of my favorite stories he has shared is the following:
How could you NOT love this man? Such a fun story. So- when we, as a Primary, decided to learn "We Thank Thee, O God, For a Prophet" this month, I couldn't help but use this story as my motivator to get the kids to sing.
So- I made my own poster of President Monson that looked something like this:
After I pasted a large picture of President Mosnon onto my Foam Core board, I cut his ears separately, and pasted those to strips of poster board. I then cut slits in the Foam Core board where his ears should have been and slipped the strips of poster board through the slits in the foam core. I could then "wiggle" his ears from the back.
The better the kids sing, the more Presidnet Monson's ears will wiggle. Hee hee! Should be fun :)

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